Campaign Headquarters

Whether you are a candidate, part of a coalition promoting a particular issue, or planning a public awareness event in your community, you will have needs for a wide variety of printed materials.

Keystone Millbrook is proud to have successfully provided service in this category that often requires extra sensitivity to timing and budget. As a unionized print shop we have a safe and worker-friendly environment to get your campaign materials printed and delivered effectively.

Why Union?

Working with a union shop and using a union “bug” (the logo of the Allied Printing Trades union) on your materials sends a powerful message to a recipient. Keystone Millbrook is proud to place the union bug on your campaign materials that originate from our union printing plant.

Design Services

If your campaign is a once-in-a-lifetime event, you may not have found a graphic designer to assist you with memorable, professionally produced designs. We work with some of the area’s finest award-winning designers and would be happy to match you with a designer who can really make your materials stand out. Or, should you have a very simple design in mind and would like us to prepare it for production we are happy to provide minimal layout work at no additional charge.

Sample Campaign Products

The list of campaign materials is limited only by your imagination and budget, but here are a few items for you to consider:


The latest technologies in digital printing make it possible for you to personalize your campaign communications. If you have a solid handle on your potential voters or supporters translated into a simple data base, Keystone digital presses can be put to work to make your messaging very personal. Check in with us to understand how variable data can improve your campaign and increase your contributions.

Finishing touches

Folding, Stitching, Special Binding are all taken into consideration as part of your design and are accomplished right in the Keystone Printing plant. Ultra-Violet (UV) coating to protect and extend the life of your printed piece can be done in short quantities or greater amounts in dull, matte or super shiny finishes.